Monday, 6 June 2011

Wrapping it up and Referrals

I know, I know I have been home for a 2 weeks now and I haven't posted a wrap up blog of my trip.
So, here it goes.

Sunday I slept in a bit, I think it was 7, which after getting up @ 0530 was great. I "tested out" at 730 and these are my results:
         weight loss = 16lbs
         inches loss = 10 inches between my chest, waist
                              and hips
         body fat % = down 2.3%
         BMI = down 2.9

Overall I am happy with the results, but lets be realistic, of course I wanted more.  But hey this is my journey and though my 4 weeks at Fitness Ridge are over I am not done with working on myself.

Nicole (one of the trainers) and myself at graduation Saturday night.

 The flight home on Sunday was uneventful and I was home by 2am.  The good thing was that Monday was a holiday so I had the day to rest up and get organized for work on Tuesday.

One thing I wanted to mention is the Referral Program they have at Fitness Ridge.  If you decide to go to The Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge in either Utah or Malibu and mention that I referred you then you will get $100 off your trip and I will get $100 off a future trip of mine, so a win for both of us.
And yes, I have already booked my next trip.  I will be going the last week of October and first week of November.  No Cuba trip for me this year for my birthday, instead I will be in Utah for an early birthday present to myself.

The 4 weeks  I spent in Utah were just amazing.  Oh they were tough, I was exhausted, sore, in pain, emotional...think I shed a tear or two.  But oh so rewarding and I was so glad I had the courage to venture out into the unknown and get my butt kicked from here to Utah and back! The entire staff is great and the trainers are just awesome, they are so encouraging, supportive and motivational.  So, If anyone is thinking 'should I go, should I spend the money and be away from my family', the answer is a resounding YES, you are worth it....!