Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Day 2 - Rock Rash

Ok, so it is late and I just came from my 80 minute massage...it was fabulous and I am sure it will help with my sore muscles.
As for the title for today i did fall on the hike, didn't hurt myself, but I did get a nasty scrape on my calf that is keeping me out of the pool for a couple days. (oh yeah, don't tell my mom, she will probably freak out).
The pizza was sooo good!
Few hiking pics from our hike in Snow Canyon to Piano rock

Well, that's it for today, my bed is calling.


  1. I promise...I won't tell your Mom!
    I gotta tell you those menus look great!

  2. Enjoying your pictures and your updates. Praying for you for safety and strength!!

    We love you!!

  3. I agree with Janet....those menu's look delicious! Hope your rash heals quickly! And....and 80 min massage?? Sounds heavenly! :)

  4. The food is very good here.