Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day 6 - Laundry

So, today is Saturday, which around here means only half day of exercise.

I will just say chocolate...Yum!

Today I was able to hike and I did West Canyon hike which is relatively even terrain (for Utah standards).

It was a great hike, I was able to put my ipod on, listen to worship music while enjoying the majestic beauty I was surrounded by that only He could have created.

After the hike enjoyed a fun game of water volleyball followed by lunch and doing laundry.
Now, do you remember that ipod I was listening to on that beautiful hike, well it was in my jacket pocket, the same one that I washed today. It went through the wash and about 10 minutes of the dryer before I realized it was missing.

So, here is my poor ipod dead to the world right now.  I have it sitting in a bag of uncooked rice hoping that will dry it out.
In the afternoon I managed to have an hour nap, it was wonderful and needed.
After supper we had graduation for the guests who are leaving along with watching a dvd of the week activities, which everyone gets a copy.
This evening activity was a night out bowling which was a lot of fun and lots of laughs.  Tomorrow is a full day of rest with the new guests coming in and I know exactly how they feel.


  1. WOW Janet! One week is done already! It has all sounded hard/tiring/beautiful/fun/delicious! Enjoy week #2. I'm really enjoying your posts. :)

  2. Oh your poor dead Ipod!! Do you want me to come and sing for you??? Hahahaha!

  3. Great first week Janet, Next week will be better with you probably feeling much stronger!

  4. Thanks for the offer Janet, so when can I expect you...haha!

  5. Hey...the guests might start to confuse your iPod in rice as today's gourmet dish! I love that you are seeing God in your experience there Janet; He is with you.