Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day 3 - Climbing a Mountain

So, at dinner Sunday evening after I arrived and got unpacked, some of the stay-over guests (guests who have been here at least 1 week), were saying how wednesday is the worst day.  You are the most sore and exhausted, well they were right, today was brutal!  Even after the massage I had last night I felt like the walking wounded this morning.
Dinner was good!

Yummy...I think I took 10 minutes to eat them, enjoying every last bit of chocolate! 
Today my hike was Temple Quarry, it was nice, different than yesterday and I managed to stay on both my feet.
City of St. George in the background bellow with the Red Mountains.

After lunch my first class was kick-boxing with the trainer Sharon...luved that class, definitely burned some calories in that one.  Now the next class was called Mountain,  this one did me in.You pick a cardio machine (I picked the treadmill ) and start at an easy pace, then every 3 minutes or whatever the trainer decides you increase you speed  and /or incline for a total of 10 increases, so the name mountain.  Well, I have to say by the end everyone is giving it their all and pushing their max.  The last interval was 5 minutes and it had me running on treadmill, I was done when I finished at the top of my mountain!
Well, I am told that thursday we are suppose to feel better and stronger...I hope they are right.


  1. I hope you feel better tomorrow Janet! Stay strong!

  2. Once your leg is better make sure you get a hot tub in!

  3. Janet is like Rocky on the top of the stairs in Philly! You go girl. Proud of you.