Friday, 28 October 2011

Day 4 - Getting my groove back

I am not a fan of the eggs here, so I had a bagel thin with peanut butter instead
Today's hike was Hiden Pinion , I enjoyed it so much more than yesterdays even though there was more elevation, sand and climbing up rocks.  The scenary was beautiful and everyone in my van enjoyed themselves.  I spoke to one of the hike guides Tracy and she said she was afraid driving back to the resort after yesterday's hike, everyone was so quiet she was afraid she was going to get stabbed after how everyone felt about the hike....of course she was kidding but that's the kind of morning yesterday was.

Van 6 sitting pretty

Feeling like we are on top of the world!

One of my hike guides Tracy
She loves getting hold of my camera and snapping pictures
Forgot to write yesterday that we had a Q&A in the evening with Sarah Nitta, she is a Biggest Loser contestant from last year and currently employed by Fitness Ridge as Social Media director and motivator.
One thing I took away from what she said was 'Getting your mind in the right place and your body will follow"
I thought that was a pretty accurate thing on what I am working on.

Today there is a transition happening with departing guests and stay-over guests.  They offer lectures on preparing you for going home and since I have another week here and I did not want to go to the cooking demonstration after lunch I went and did Gym class which was in the new building that they have added on since my last visit.  I had a blast playing badminton, the other half of the gym they were playing something called Pickle Ball, which I am sure I will experience in the next week.

The day rounded out with Ball class, which is not as easy as it sounds and then Treading which is a cardio class.  Again I did not go in the pool, but did a double Treading class....I was tired when I finished.

I can't believe tomorrow is friday already...


  1. That's quite a challenge. I would find that scaary too. Hope today is a better day.

  2. Sounds like you had a much better day...that's good! What's with the eggs I wonder?

  3. hey there Janet- you keep up the good work. LOVE the focus phrase from the guest speaker...right on the nose for me too! Miss you! Take care for now.