Monday, 24 October 2011

Round 2 - Day 1.....I'm Back!!!!!!

Well, I am back for my second visit to Fitness Ridge here in beautiful Utah.

I spent Saturday night in Las Vegas, staying at the Trump Towers.  It was a nice hotel  and for me I liked the fact that it does not have a casino in it,so it is not all smokey and I didn't gamble any way.

I arrived in Utah on Sunday and I think I was in the pool and enjoying the lovely 28C sunny weather within an hour on arriving here, very nice!

Monday arrived and I started my day at 6am with a yogalates stretch was nice to stretch my muscles out.  After breakfast I headed out for my assessment hike called Anastasi, It was a nice hike.

Beautiful Red Mountains
You can see my resort there on the right from my hike
Some Petrogliffs on the rocks

 The hike went well, except I started feeling my left knee acting up....not happy.  I iced my knee after lunch and supper, so all is well.
I rounded out my day with a couple lectures and 3 more hours of working out.  I think the Core class with Nicole was my favorite, it kicked my butt and it felt great!
Now dinner was another story, not that it wasn't really good, but I sat down to eat it and I had no appetite.  I think I am a bit dehydrated from the working out , the 3000ft elevation here and my recent plane ride.  But, I forced myself to slowly eat it and I did because I know how important it is to eat the food they give you here.
Yummy Chicken and Polenta 
Funny, I had no problem eating this at  all!!
 Well, that is if for today, I am tired and trying to fend out dehydration and the bed it calling me.


  1. I had to laugh as soon as I saw the strawberries on the menu!!! We were just talking about them. LOL!!
    Enjoy the warm weather. Nothing new here.

  2. Polenta is right up there with brussel sprouts and fish sticks in my book. I must say though, it looks very edible in this picture. Artistic plating can make even gross food taste good! The strawberries need no help! Hope you have a great time and try not to hurt yourself lol

  3. Congrats your lookin awesome ....hope all is well and keep up the great work ...