Thursday, 5 May 2011

Day 10 & 11 - Struggling = Success

Yes, I know I did not post yesterday so today I will double my efforts.

That was the best dinner I have had since I have been here!

This morning I was all ready to go on the hike today but my leg said otherwise. I wasn't too happy about it, but after being convinced I stayed back from the hike and was in my room resting with by leg elevated.  I watched last nights Biggest Loser and a couple episodes of the Big Bang Theory.
I did do the rest of my classes, kick-boxing being my favorite (I did that twice since I can't go in the pool).
After dinner a few of us went out and did a little shopping.  It was so nice getting off the resort for a little while.  I bought some cool Nike flip-flops that has memory foam insoles...very nice and squishy.
Tonight I had an other acupuncture appointment and she worked on my knee and also my leg. I am sure that will help.

New friend Sophia 

Thursday I did go on the hike and my leg is looking a bit better.

Apple Cobbler was yummy

The hike I went on this morning was called Third Canyon and it was different than all the other hikes I had been on so far. It was very rocky and was not my favorite as I am still a bit nervous about falling again.

my hiking group

Besides not really enjoying my hike I also was having a bad day.  They do say that usually sometime during your stay here most people have a melt down day, well today was mine. When  I got back from the hike a couple of the trainers talked to me about some of things that were bothering me. Everyone here is so great and supportive.  One of the trainers Nicole said to me that outside here when we struggle it is equated with
being weak or being a failure.  But here when we struggle it is equated to success in that the way we are able to change our bodies and mindset is through our struggles. (I am guessing that I am very successful here

My friend Emily knew I was having a bad, so she bought me these beautiful flowers, she is no nice.


  1. Hang in there Janet! You look Like sucess in your pictures.

  2. Stay strong Janet! You can do it!! Hope that leg of yours is healing.

  3. Nice going, glad your leg is a bit better. It's hard to believe that 2 weeks are almost over. You should be climbing high by week 4 so rest up this weekend. Hope you bring back some recipes and good stories. Take care

  4. Janet; I keep you in my prayers each day - your leg is on the mend but don't let it get you down. Your accomplishments far surpass that one "bad day".