Monday, 9 May 2011

Day 15 - Cold and Rainy

Today there was a large drop in temperature, I do not even think it reached 15C.  It was also drizzling and raining most of the day. The good thing was that for our hike it was mostly dry.

The hike today was another assessment hike for the guides to determine which group you should be hiking with.
The hike I did was Wall Street.  It is in Snow Canyon and very sandy.  I think I was hiking through the sand about 95% of the time (lots of fun).

After the hike I did Mountain class, that kick my butt.  It is a cardio class that you increase your speed or resistance every 3 minutes for 12 times.

After that was lunch and I was not hungry at all.  I think I was a bit dehydrated because since it was a cooler day I did not drink my usually amount on the hike.  I took my lunch to go and layed down in bed and ended up sleeping for about 45 minutes.  I managed to eat most my lunch when I got up and also continued to drink lots of water.

I attended all my afternoon classes even though I still felt a bit off.

Dessert today was again the delicious chocolate covered strawberries and I savored the chocolate immensely.


  1. The scenery looks stunning!! Hope you are feeling okay today. You look amazing kiddo!

  2. Wow you look great, I'm sure its hard work but obviously worth it!

  3. Hi Janet!
    It's Vicky from WW! I have read all of your blogs so far! I am just so proud of you! You're looking SO good! Keep up the great it for YOU! Just think of what a huge challenge you have given yourself and how well you have met it so far! This is YOUR Mount Everest! You're halfway there...the summit is yours! Keep climbing...keep positive...keep your focus! I have faith that YOU CAN DO IT!!! Bring us home lots of recipes and great advice...I can't wait to hear all about it! Take care...