Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Day 23 - Stop Sign no more!

Ok so first thing is yesterday I forgot to say that I got a letter from my youngest niece Michelle.  Thank you Michelle I loved it.

So today the hike was again Stop sign, my least favorite, but I did manage to take another 4 minutes off my time so that was good.

The rest of the day was good.  I am doubling up on my cardio classes now and not going to pool class to get the best calorie burn.  I just want to squeeze the most out of this place these last few days.

I got a card from my Mom today, made me cry and miss her so much, thanks Mom!


  1. Your so right, get the most of your time there...your in the home stretch!

  2. Very smart of you to get the most bang for your buck!!! You are almost there Janet!! WooHoo!!!

  3. You're a beast Janet - good for you.
    Tracey N.