Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day 20 - Freedom Thy Colour is Red

Friday night I was getting a little bit stir crazy so I went online and looked into renting a car for the weekend.

Enterprise had a great weekend price so I arranged it on line.

Saturday morning I hiked West Canyon again, it is a nice, relatively even hike and one you can have your ipod on and go at your own pace.
I did not go to my last class of my half day because I was being picked up by the car rental company. So we get there and what do they have waiting for me but a nice red HHR (if some of you don' t know I drive a blue HHR at home).  I was so excited and was very comfortable in it.
First stop since I was not on the resort was lunch at Subway, don't worry I stayed within my calories and it was very yummy!  Next I did some shopping here and there, buying some scar stuff for my leg and a new pair  of jeans and I think 3 tops (hey I need something to wear that is not work out gear and the clothes I brought are getting big :)
I was home in time to throw my clothes in to wash and then head down to dinner. Saturday night is graduation night and they show a video highlighting the week here, it was very funny.
Tonight we went bowling, lots of fun. I bowled a 107 with the bumper pads up and then a 103 without the bumper pads so I was happy.
Tomorrow a full of rest and new people arrive.


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend Janet! Nice to hear that you were able to get out and about for awhile.

  2. Hey Janet, Praying for you.....

    gary from central, hockey....

    because I care