Saturday, 7 May 2011

Day 13 - Race Day

Today was different than other Saturdays here.  Today there was the Ivins  Fitness Festival, held in conjunction with the St. George's Iron Man.  There was a 5 and 10k held and everyone here at Fitness Ridge participated and were encouraged to do the 10k, as we all hike that almost everyday anyway.  I walked the 10k as did a lot of people.

The course like everything here had plenty of inclines.

Crossing the finishing line!

Myself, Barbara, Emily, Malini, Stacey

It is getting pretty warm here now, I think the last 2 days it got up to 90.

After the race we were done for the day and I did some exciting laundry.

At dinner this evening there was graduation ceremonies for all the departing guests.  Unfortunately for myself the people I have been hanging around with are all leaving this weekend.  I am sure I will find new people to get into trouble with this coming week.


  1. Congrats on completing the 10K Janet! You...get into trouble??? No way!!

  2. Hi there Janet! are a superstar man. Looking good girl. Mothers Day service today was lovely and I found myself gazing to the centre section thinking of you! Keep on doing your best.