Monday, 2 May 2011

Day 8 - Kickball

So, its my second Monday, which means the pain begins again.

The salmon burger was so good!
Monday morning means we all go on an assessment hike based on our performance last week or if you are new on the form you fill out. Today my van went on Barrell Roll, it was a nice hike.

Today was the first day I did not have to attend the post lunch and dinner lectures.  So after lunch I had the choice of going into the gym for an hour or playing kick ball with one of the trainers. I chose kick-ball.  We started off by riding some bikes about 0.5km to a park.  I haven't played kick-ball since I was a kid, it was so much fun and we laughed so hard.
The rest of the afternoon was some real work, core training, h2o intervals and circuit training. I am going to be sore tomorrow.


  1. Sore means you worked hard; keep careful with the knee though. Rest when you can. I am dying to know if the iPod works????????

  2. Glad to hear that laughter is part of your day! :)