Saturday, 7 May 2011

Day 12 - Movie Night!

Today I decided I would not go on the hike scheduled with my group, but I would go on the West Canyon hike.
Same hike I did last Saturday, relatively flat and very pretty.

As for the Lasagna tonight I can not comment on how good it was or wasn't.  Five of us had planned on going to the movies and it ended up the movie started at 6:15, meaning we could not make the movie and have dinner here. We knew we had a bit over 400 calories we could , so we went to Subway, it was very yummy.
The movie we saw was Something Borrowed, I would have to say that it was not that good, but it was nice being off the resort.  Don't worry we did not have any popcorn, but we all did enjoy our diet pepsi. (here we only have water and herbal tea to drink)
After our movie it was still early so of course shopping was on the agenda and I bought myself this really pretty red purse.

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  1. Oh darn I was hoping that movie would be a good chick flick!
    Glad that you got to get out and about and shopped too!!!